Self Storage Tips

Salisbury Storage: Self Storage Tips

Need some self storage tips to get you started on the right foot? Salisbury Storage is your first choice for affordable storage units in Salisbury, MD, and we’ve compiled a list of our top packing and storage tips to help you make the most of the space you are renting. Start your storage journey with Salisbury Storage today!

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Self Storage Tips for Finding Space & Packing

Storage Tips

Choose Your Storage Unit 

You have many self storage options in the Salisbury, MD area. So how do you choose a storage facility—and more specifically storage units—to house your belongings? Start by searching for self storage close to your home, work, business, or regular commutes. You are looking for convenience as much as you are looking for product and service.  

Another point to consider is your specific storage requirements. Different storage solutions have advantages and disadvantages; these factors must be considered in light of your unique situation. Drive-up storage containers make loading and unloading belongings from the car much easier. Indoor storage units, on the other hand, give temperature control, which helps to protect your valuables against changing humidity and weather conditions.

Visit Salisbury Storage Warehouse in Salisbury, MD to start getting your items organized today. Conveniently located east of the downtown area, this storage facility serves the Salisbury, Fruitland, Eden, Westwood, Westlake, and White Plains areas of southeast Maryland. Our storage facility is located just south of the Delaware border. Read more about our storage facility’s specific features, and use our storage calculator to figure out what size storage unit you should rent.  

Packing and Moving

Packing Tips for Your Boxes 

1. Prep Before Packing

To obtain the greatest possible outcome when storing your stuff, take care of them as you’re packing them away. Items that are delicate will need more padding to keep them safe throughout transport. Pick up packing and moving supplies at our Salisbury Storage office today! And while you are there, talk with our storage experts to clear up any additional questions you may have before you start renting storage—also check our Self Storage FAQ to see if your question can be answered instantly! It is important to understand the rules and expectations before renting storage.

2. General Packing Rule: Heavy on the Bottom, Light on Top

Keep the following instructions in mind as you pack your boxes and storage container. As a starting point, begin with heavy, big items and work your way down to smaller ones. This will prevent your boxes from breaking apart due to the pressure inside and around them.

3. Clean & Cover Your Items

To ensure that your products are in great shape when you return them, clean and preserve them ahead of time. Cover things like appliances, tools, and electronics before storing them for a long time to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. Clean away germs and water droplets beforehand to minimize damage or bad smells over time.

4. Pack Air-Tight to Keep Out Moisture & Pests

Packing airtight is a great way to avoid any potential damage. This will also help keep bugs and moisture out, which can cause even further damage. If you’re looking for suggestions on what to put in airtight containers, consider antiques, clothing, electronics or documents.

Organizing Garage

Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit 

1. Create an Organized Layout

Storage containers can be a lifesaver when it comes to organization. The best way to pack your rental storage space is by taking things one step at a time. First, leave some space open in the center of the container so you can easily reach items stored in all corners. Second, group similar items together – like seasonal clothing or kitchen supplies – so you can find them more quickly later on. Last, keep your most essential items close to the door for quick and easy access.

2. Utilize Your Entire Storage Space

You are paying for your storage rental, so make the most of the space. If you are storing a lot of items, you may want to consider using shelving for organization and to stack higher in the space. 

3. Don’t Store Perishables

So what can’t you store? Perishables like food will go bad quickly, and when they do, they will begin to attract pests. It is best to avoid this altogether by storing these items in your everyday storage space in your home or business. You also cannot store dangerous, flammable items or money. Check out a more complete list from 

Car in Garage

Vehicle Storage Tips 

Long-term storage of a vehicle can save you a lot of space on your property, but it is not as simple as dropping it off and leaving it. Vehicles of all sizes require additional care to give it a better chance of running as smoothly as possible when you need it again. Get its oil changed if you are storing long-term, top off the gas tank to prevent moisture build-up, and add a fuel stabilizer. Then, clean it inside and out—any dirt there will only accumulate over time. Follow more of Edmund’s vehicle storage tips.  


Salisbury Storage Warehouse in Salisbury MD

Now that you have learned some helpful self storage tips, look to Almighty Storage in Prairieville, LA for all of your storage needs. Conveniently located east of the downtown area, and just south of the Delaware border, Salisbury Storage is your first choice for affordable storage units! Choose from amenities that include convenient, drive-up storage units, indoor storage units, temperature-controlled storage units, and more! Additionally, for your security, all storage units are monitored via 24 hour security cameras. Feel secure storing your personal items at Salisbury Storage Warehouse in Salisbury, MD!

rent storage online - Salisbury Storage Warehouse in Salisbury, MD