Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit Effectively

Getting ready to pack away your items into storage? Walk through Salisbury Storage Warehouse’s helpful tips for packing your storage unit efficiently. We can set you up with the right size storage unit for your needs. Pick out your storage unit online, and call or stop by our office on Snow Hill Road for more advice on how to best pack up your storage unit with your specific items.

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Pack Your Storage Unit with These 3 Tips

1. Start Planning the Layout of Your Storage Unit Once You Know Dimensions

Take inventory of your large boxes, and consider the different ways you can organize (stacking, putting in a shelf, etc.). As you arrange items for long-term storage, place valuables toward the back and items you plan on frequently accessing close to the front. We recommend leaving space down the middle of your storage unit for an aisle, so you can access all the corners of your unit.

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2. Use Quality Packing Supplies

Fragile items need extra precautions when being packed up, and that requires solid boxes and plenty of padding. Luckily, the Salisbury Storage Warehouse office on Snow Hill Road sells storage supplies, from boxes of all sizes to locks to yards of bubble wrap. Swing by to browse our storage supplies selection, and talk through your rental with our storage experts

3. Label Any Containers in Which You Cannot See Their Contents

If you are storing with multiple boxes that are around the same size, you should label them to keep them straight. This will make the unpacking process much smoother and more organized. When storing before a move, you can label the room that box will be unpacked into and streamline your movers’ instructions. If you are only labeling for yourself, you can include more detail, so you can find specific items as you need them.

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Rent Residential and Commercial Storage with Salisbury Storage Warehouse

Looking for extra space to supplement your home storage or business? Salisbury Storage Warehouse offers storage units of all sizes with temperature control, drive-up entry, and more features. Our storage facility on Snow Hill Road has space to serve as a nearby long-term warehouse option for your Salisbury, MD, business, or find a home for your seasonal items for a few months out of the year. Whatever your storage needs, Salisbury Storage Warehouse can help. Call or visit our office to find the right storage for your situation, or handle everything contact free online!

Our temperature-control offers premiers security for your belongings in Maryland. Regardless of the heat or cold from the weather, your storage stays in a consistent temperature range. Not only does it stop fluctuations and from reaching extremes, but it also helps to keep moisture at bay. We recommend this type of storage for storing sensitive items and storing long-term. Rest easy knowing the changing weather will not affect your items. Talk to our self storage experts to see if our indoor storage units would be right for you!

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