Basement Storage Ideas

Does your basement need organizing? Salisbury Storage Warehouse will provide you with a few different ways you can create more space in your basement. Whether your basement is finished or needs some work, we have different solutions that can help you make the most out of your space. 

Basement Storage

Finished & Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

Moisture-Proof Long-Term Storage

Whether you are using your basement as seasonal or long-term storage, you need to make sure your items stay well-protected. Air-tight, moisture-proof containers can be used to store your belongings. This will prevent any mold damage from getting to your items. In the event that there is water damage in your basement, we suggest adding a dehumidifier. 

Utilize Wall & Ceiling Space

Basements can serve many purposes in our homes but is important to take care of the space so we can get the most out of it. We suggest using shelving units and hooks to keep items clear of any walking space. Excess items should be placed neatly along the wall. In addition, we suggest finding affordable shelving options that can hold the weight of heavier items for extended periods of time. These can be used in your basement for items such as bikes, coats, and more.

Install a Clothing Rack

As the seasons change, many of us swap out the items in our wardrobes. Clothing racks are great tools to neatly hang clothing items that we no longer use. Hanging your items keeps them wrinkle-free and in mint condition so they are ready for use once the time comes. Once you find a clothing rack that can fit all of your extra items, place it in a secure space in your basement that can be accessed easily. Once the seasons change, you will be able to swap out different clothing items with ease. 

Section Off the Room

If your basement is used for entertainment and storage, we suggest separating the storage items from the furniture and electronics. Storage containers, clothing racks, and other boxes should be placed on one side of the room so they are not in the way of the furniture. Room dividers can be placed between the room if you need to create a barrier between the storage items and furniture. If your basement needs more separation, we suggest the following items: 

Salisbury Storage Warehouse In Salisbury, MD

If you don’t have any extra space in your basement and need somewhere to keep your belongings, check out Salisbury Storage Warehouse. Our facility is located is Salisbury, MD and we offer a variety of units for all of your commercial and residential storage needs. Whether you’re in need of a unit with temperature control features or drive up access, Salisbury Storage Warehouse has got you covered. Our storage calculator can assist you with determining the best unit size for your belongings. If you’ve never rented storage or do not know how to pack your items properly, check out our storage tips to learn the best storage practices. Don’t wait any longer and rent with Salisbury Storage Warehouse today!  

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