5 Storage Supplies That Will Benefit Your Move

Storage Supplies

As the winter season approaches, soon you will need somewhere to hold all of your warm-weather belongings. Figuring out the storage supplies needed or even just the number of boxes can become a difficult task. This is how Salisbury Storage Warehouse can be the assistance you need! On top of providing an extremely safe and secure storage facility, we additionally have all the merchandise that is beneficial for moving into storage sold here.

Avoid the potential stress or worries of moving into storage with the help of our useful suggestions.

What Storage Supplies Will You Need?

  1. Labels – Stay organized during the move and while in storage.
  2. Boxes – Various sizes work well to help keep organized.
  3. Bubble Wrap – Adds an extra layer of protection to your fragile and valuable items while packed.
  4. Tape – Completely secure boxes, and there no such thing as too much of this item.
  5. Lock – Gives your storage unit another layer of protection.

Above are just some storage supplies that will be beneficial during a move. Come out to our facility, stop by our office and locate more supplies!

The Benefits of Purchasing Supplies with Salisbury Storage Warehouse

The month of October is associated with Breast Cancer Awareness month. So throughout the entire month of October, for any sale on our merchandise, a portion of the total is going to the Susan G Komen Foundation.

With the use of U-Haul’s supply calculator, you will be able to determine the number of boxes and rolls of tape needed.

Are you not sure which unit size will be the best fit for your belongings? Rent the correct amount of space for the amount you are storing by using our storage calculator. You can go over to the unit’s available page and rent instantly, or if you chose to reserve you have the time to come out and check the unit out in person. At Salisbury Storage Warehouse when you reserve a unit, we hold that space for you for up to two weeks.

Salisbury Storage Warehouse is here to help you whether this is your first time involved with moving into storage or if you have done this many times in the past. With the tools we provide plus our storage experts, you will have your belongings moved into storage in a flash! Discover our Salisbury Storage Warehouse facility in Salisbury MD.