Why Choose Our Local Storage?

It would be nice to park the car in the garage for the winter, right? With our local storage in Salisbury MD, you can straighten up the garage for the season and still have your items close by. Storing seasonally is helpful for many homeowners and this month Salisbury Storage Warehouse is also assisting with how to handle the start of the school year.

What are some easy ways to keep everything straight when the kids head back to school? From all the paperwork on the first day to the activities they sign up for, the start of school can be hectic. Start implementing these tips to help your family this year.

Local Storage Salisbury MD

  1. Keep or toss, the kids probably grew out of a few outfits over the summer. Go through your clothing boxes before heading to the store.
  2. Get in the routine! Make a checklist of bedtimes and wake-ups so kids know.
  3. A shopping list next to the menu helps you know what you need at the store and also what your family is craving for dinner or lunch.
  4. Snacks for lunch, lunchboxes, and sandwich bags, all things to keep in one cabinet for fast lunches.
  5. Put a basket in the fridge of pre-made snacks for a packed lunch. Let the kids pick what they want out of the selection so they have the food they want to eat.

How To Store For Cooler Weather

  1. Properly store your lawnmower this winter with a new oil change and enough air in the tires.
  2. Make sure the clothing you are swapping is stored correctly. Use these tips from InStyle.
  3. Use shelves in your storage unit to save space and store your canoe or kayak.
  4. Keep all summer toys sorted together with plastic bins. Boxes will also keep everything safe in storage. Stop by the office to pick up all the tools you need.
  5. Store sleeping bags loosely so the fabric does not have a mildew smell when you unpack it.

When you need local storage in Salisbury MD, our storage options are ready! Need storage for the season? Look no further, we have you covered. Rent online or come in to talk with us about storing your items.

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