Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Gear

Are you anxiously awaiting football season or warmer weather so you can start tailgating again? Even if you are one of the courageous all weather types, seasonal storage keeps you organized while you wait. With Salisbury Storage Warehouse you can focus on keeping your team motivated verses where you are going to store your outdoor equipment. Our tips will get you started after the final buzzer blows.

Salisbury MD seasonal storage

Stay organized

A few large bins are perfect for transporting back and forth to the games. These big plastic bins will keep all your tools together so nothing is left behind. After everything is unpacked they can be used as coolers or storage for extra supplies. Tailgating is normally an all day activity so remember the outdoor games. Keep them in a bin orĀ  bag so you can grab all the toys and head to the game.

Avoid unwanted guests

At every outdoor cookout the bugs can be an issue but that is where is should stop. To avoid bringing them back to the unit with you or attract other bugs, clean the surface of the grill and any other trays or serving tools. Grease from those delicious burgers will bring bugs from outdoors, so make sure you scrub everything down before storing.

Store the keepsakes

If you like to keep your ticket stub or flyers from the games you have attended, the storage unit is a perfect place to keep them when not out for display. A photo album will highlight these small items while still keeping them safe.

Before the next game, head over to Salisbury Storage Warehouse to rent your seasonal storage unit. With our help you can focus on making memories with your friends and family, while we take care of your belongings.