Storage packing tips 101

What are a few pointers for storing this season? When the seasons start to change, storage has many possibilities that will help you. Once the flowers start to bloom and snow melts it is time to start planning your seasonal switch. Put the shovels away and get the mower ready, Salisbury Storage Warehouse has a storage unit as well as storage packing tips to get you moving in the right direction.

After a long winter there is plenty do outside as well as indoors, when it comes to straightening up. A storage unit with us is the extra space you need to really give your home the renovations you want.

Salisbury MD storage packing tips

  • Clothing and bedding need to be clean before storage.
  • Folding is an option but if you are concerned about folds or ironing as soon as clothes come out of storage, consider getting a hanging bag for dress clothes.
  • Keep a layer of cardboard or padding in between the framed mirrors or artwork.
  • Storing valuables? Do your research about the benefits of temperature controlled units. Safe Place Mini Storage recommends these when storing precious keepsakes.
  • Before putting all the plates and cups in a box, line the bottom with foam or padding to help absorb any shocks or vibration.
  • Whether you move to a new place or put your belongings in storage, map it out. Post this somewhere everyone can see it, then leave the list in the unit for the next time you come.
  • Keep track of what every box has inside with a color coded system or a short list on the outside.
  • Mark the boxes with glass in them so movers and you remember which boxes need extra care.

The first day of spring is right around the corner and if this time of year has big plans, let Salisbury Storage Warehouse assist! A few quick storage packing tips will get you moving on to the summer vacation in no time.