Packing Supplies Made Simple

Keeping everything organized while moving is easier said then done. With the help of the storage team at Salisbury Storage Warehouse you will be packed, moved, and moving on in no time. Start with the right packing supplies and see how fast and easy the process is with our help!

packing supplies

Packing Supplies Shopping List:

  • Tape:¬†Better to buy in bulk. If you have leftovers save them for a spring cleaning project or another move.
  • Boxes: Buy a variety of sizes for all your items. Do not over fill the large ones, they are better with bulky items.
  • Rope: Nylon rope is the strongest utility cord to use when transporting your belongings. Since the nylon is strong it will not break while in storage.
  • Packing Peanuts: Add some sort of cushion to your boxes. This will prevent any fragile items from hitting each other and causing¬†damage.
  • Labels: Have an assortment of tags to signify where boxes go in the house or storage unit.
  • Moving Kits: These offer a variety of supplies to start your move with the best. Most have boxes, bubble wrap, markers, and tape.
  • Protections Kits: A cardboard divider with 8 place setting bubble pouches is all you need to keep you dinner ware safe.
  • Moisture Control: A dark unit with moisture in the air is the perfect storm for issues. Control the mold and mildew with Damp-Rid refillable containers.
  • Covers: There is a breathable cover for every object. The most common mistake new mover make is not protecting their belongings with a cover.
  • Miscellaneous: Gloves with grips on the palms will save your hands from the rough work of moving and keep a firm grip on every box.

Stay organized with Salisbury Storage Warehouse. We will show you the right packing supplies, the perfect space, and talk you through any storage dilemma.