Organization Matters

Organization Matters

Is your New Year’s resolution to be clutter free? Don’t ring in 2017 with chaos, make your space the most efficient it can be. Organization matters when life gets hectic and Salisbury Storage Warehouse is here to get each room in your home in tip top shape. Look below for our strategies to tackle the chaos.

Organization Matters

Living Room:

  • Magazines, family notes and papers accumulate most in the living room. Keep them in a storage bin or filing cabinet for easy organized access.
  • Double duty furniture helps keep the clutter out of sight. With a few decorative boxes underneath a bench you have extra seating and storage, all in one!
  • Keep board games and family toys in a separate cabinet, bookcase, or storage bin. This simple step will make game night that much more fun when you can find your game right away.
  • Tidy up as you move. If you’re passing from room-to-room pick up articles as you go. Don’t leave toys laying around if you are passing the toy chest on your way out of the family room.


  •  A coat hanger on the back of the door keeps your coats from cluttering your bed at the end of the day.
  • Don’t let your night stand become dumping ground for you pocket contents. Add containers by the door for extra change, keys and other pocket treasures.
  • If your drawers are the problem area, focus on drawer organizers. Make sure to measure before committing to your favorite one.
  • Add a storage ottoman at the foot of your bed for a creative way to store belongings out of sight.


  • Shelves above the door keep extra towels visible and opens space up in your linen closet.
  • Utilize the back of the door with a drying rack for towels and rags.
  • Hang a shower organizer to keep your shampoos off the ledge and cut down on grim.
  • Over-the-sink storage, such as a shelf, will make room on a small vanity.


  • Recycle plastic toys after the kids are done with them.
  • Asking family members to buy tickets to the zoo or museums for special holidays rather than toys. This will cut down on an overabundance of toys.
  • Use clear bins so kids can see exactly what is inside and they can easily find the right toy.
  • Add hooks or a pegboard to utilize wall space and keep clutter off the floor.

Don’t give up on your New Year’s resolution, with these room-by-room instructions and the help from your family at Salisbury Storage Warehouse you can conquer your whole house.