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Vehicle Storage: What you need to know

Here at our Salisbury MD storage facility we pride ourselves in knowing how to store many different types of items. We want to share with you, the Salisbury MD vehicle storage steps it takes to store your car before winter arrives. With the cold temperatures and blasting wind, it can be hard on items left out in the cold. Maybe your spare car needs some attention before the cold sets in, or maybe you are swapping summer for winter, let our self storage be the answer.

Steps for successful vehicle storage

Salisbury MD Vehicle Storage

  • Cold weather zaps the life from car batteries, that is why it is best to take them out before storage.
  • A car sitting for too long can cause eroding in the gas tank. Add a stabilizer to the gas tank to keep the ethanol from corroding the metal.
  • Fill up all 4 tires and go the extra step of putting the vehicle on jacks.
  • Storing outdoors? An all weather cover keeps the melting snow and rain from dirtying your car. This type of cover is also useful when storing indoors.
  • The tailpipe and vents are all places for critters to find their way into the car. Close them and seal them up with steal wool. Do not forget about removing these blocks.

Salisbury Storage Warehouse has drive up storage units as well as temperature controlled storage. Even though storing here does not offer a vehicle storage solution, we have plenty of tips and drive up units to store your other gear. We know the transition from summer to winter can be tough but with these tips for the car, you are set for a successful winter.

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