Get Your Summer Gear Ready

Are you ready for the summer sun? After a long cold winter we can all use a little heat, but is your summer gear ready? Salisbury Storage Warehouse in Salisbury, MD is the best spot to keep your beach umbrellas, patio accessories and more!

Take on a new challenge, learn something new this summer but don’t forget about the extra equipment! When you are taking on a new hobby plan for all the gear that comes with it. Summer has a lot of great times but when the gear starts taking over, you know it is time to make some changes. Keep reading for tricks to get your suppliesĀ in order.

If you are layout of the summer schedule now remember to pay attention to gate hours. Make sure they work for you and if they don’t, come talk with us.

summer gear

Camping Gear:

Take the flammable tools home with you. Chances are you can use them to fire up the grill or light a nice fire for s’mores.

Empty your coolers and snack bags before leaving them to cause issues in your unit.

The sun feels great after the cold weather but it can be harmful to thin fabric. Look for any issues forming on your tent before setting up camp.


Keep packing and unpacking simple with labels and clear bins.


Patio Furniture:

Break out the chairs and tables for the festivities. Tighten all the screws and bolts to keep things sturdy.

Uncover the grill and lubricate any hinges or wheels that got stuck during the cold.

Give the kids a “like new” jungle gym. Clean off the old one with soap and water to release the dirt.

Sap can be an issue when trying to clean up. Use products such as Goo-Gone, WD-40, etc.


When summer arrives be out enjoying the weather, not stuck inside searching for summer gear. Let Salisbury Storage Warehouse help!

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