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winter vehicle storage
December 7, 2020

Winter Vehicle Storage for the Salisbury MD Community

We know that some small cars do not have a place on Massachusetts roads in the dead of winter. They just are not equipped for the snow. But finding winter vehicle storage in Salisbury MD for your car can keep it safe from the weather and save space on your property. Salisbury Storage Warehouse on Snow Hill Road has drive-up storage units large enough to cover your car and secure it for winter. Follow these tips for preparing your car for storage. And rent storage with us online!

Clean the Car’s Interior & Exterior

Any dirt on your car now will only get more difficult to clean off as time goes on. Do yourself a favor and give your car a deep cleaning before it sits in storage for a few weeks or months. Wash the outside and scrub well before adding a nice waxing on top. This will protect your paint job and let you come back to a fresh vehicle ready to drive.

Fill Your Gas Tank

When there is space in the gas tank, moisture can form. To avoid this, fill your gas tank before dropping off your vehicle. You should also add a stabilizer if you are going to store it for an extended period of time.

Renting with Salisbury Storage

Salisbury Storage Warehouse on Snow Hill Road is equipped and ready to serve all your storage needs. Whether you are looking for commercial, residential, or winter vehicle storage in Salisbury MD, we have you covered. Our interior, drive-up, and temperature-controlled storage units come in a range of sizes, so you never have to pay for more space than you need. If you are new to the self storage process, our knowledgeable staff is available on-site or over the phone to answer any questions you may have. Rent your next storage unit online with Salisbury Storage Warehouse!